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Stéphane Ternoise is a French writer in England only read by francophones. You translating from French? I offer you 50% of all rights. Books are sold digitally distributed by Heritage on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Fnac ... 50% of the rights derived from the translation will also return.

Stéphane Ternoise also offers translations of his plays. Also with representation rights.

Translation contracts more often now offer 1% on all editions, even digital. The writer of the digital revolution in France offers you 50%. You who read French, check its catalog. Stéphane Ternoise is a freelance writer since 1991. He knew ahead of the digital revolution to install its independence and become the reference of the self-publishing.

No payment order but share two of the total income of your translation. In the long term, we can quickly become very interesting. This mode of operation allows therefore a win-win: the new work is our work.

Automatic translation. You should do better!

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